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Z-Palette How To Depot Makeup And Review

November 8th, 2016 | 2 minutes to read

I had heard of Z-palette long before I even purchased my first piece of makeup product. I loved the idea immediately, although I never thought I would use it as I thought I probably wouldn't have that many products, lol. Now I did start to have a bit more, get a bit annoying at some packaging so I wanted to give Z-palette a try.

I chose the most popular large size. I think this is a perfect one to take when you're traveling or use it daily. I decided to depot all the current ones I have to fit into this one.

Z-palette - How to Depot

Tools: makeup mixing palette's spatula, tweezer, hand sanitizer, q-tips, tissue

How to depot makeup:

  1. First inspect the product packaging. Some products aren't solidly glued, you can simply use the metal spatula to dig the tray out. I did that to ELF St.Lucia blush and bronzer and they both came out easily. Some products are heavily glued, then this might not work. I tried on Physician's Formula blush and ended up breaking it while trying to get it out. 🙁
  2. When it's difficult to depot using only spatula, consider the oven method. Preheat the oven at 100 C. Place a piece of baking paper, then lay out the makeup and bake for 4-6 minutes. Note if it's a plastic tray inside the makeup case (such as ELF Mad for Matte eyeshadow palette), dig out the ultimate plastic tray containing only your eyeshadow first.
  3. After baking, carefully take them out. At this time the glue is melted so it should be easier to dig the trays out. Some trays (such as the ELF eyeshadow I mentioned) requires you to push a bit through the two holes on the bottom.
  4. Drip hand sanitizer with q tip and clean the bottoms of trays.
  5. If the trays aren't magnetic, stick one metal piece that comes with Z-palette on the bottom.
  6. To keep the Z-palette relatively clean I also cut out a piece of baking paper to line the inside.
  7. The whole process could be messy, so make sure you have a piece of tissue under.

Z-palette - How to Depot

Now it's finished. I can say goodbye to all the other cases and mirrors! (I took out the mirrors so they could be recycled properly. Although this could be tricky, if you want to do that, be extremely careful removing the mirrors). I also kept the mini brush I got from Physician's Formula blush as a cleaning brush as the broken ones turn to shed a bit power here and there.


Z-palette is indeed very neat and space-saving. It's also minimal, professional looking and easy to travel with. If you can be patient depotting your make up, I definitely recommend it!