Petite & Minimal

Annie Taylor Chen

About Me

Hi! My name is Annie and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am a petite (short) lady (a rare find in Sweden, I know) who is trying to make my own minimal style out of limited resources, including a few petite brands, vintage items, and second hand remakes. I do appreciate Less is More philosophy when it comes to dressing as petite.

I also believe it is good that we are conscious of what we put into our body and mind, as well as what kind of foot prints we leave on the earth. So minimalism to me, not only applies to the wardrobe but also to the lifestyle, the food, the skin care and make up products, as well as travels.

This is my little corner to explore:
healthy, delicious, plant-based FOOD;
elegant, timeless, functional STYLE;
eco-friendly, meaingful, minimal LIVING;
and conscious, enriching, inspiring TRAVEL.

Unless noted, all photos are taken by me and this site is hand coded by me too.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy the site!