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Time For Pilates With Asquith Activewear

November 19th, 2018 | 2 minutes to read

After our awesome holiday in Spain and Portugal, we came back home with new muffin tops, despite running around with heavy luggages. The worst thing is that in Stockholm we just entered the winter era: when lengthy dark, gray, gloomy and rainy days are everyday norm, when sun might shine briefly for 15 minutes per day, when you kind of expect the snow to fall so everything can be a little brighter.

You might not want to run outside. Or even go to the gym. But what about our muffin tops? Certainly we don’t want them to become worse? I think the best choice would be home workout. Yoga or Pilates are easy choices. They can be done on a mat, in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Nowadays there are tons of videos available, if you don’t know how to. The most important thing is that by making it at home, there is no excuse for you not to do that.

Pilates with Asquith Activewear

For Pilates I prefer to wear comfortable clothes, they should be soft, lightly stretching and provide just enough support. If they happen to be Eco-friendly that’ll be even better. That’s why I love Asquith Yoga and Pilates activewear. They have this super gentle blended materials, which is made from bamboo and organic cotton. We know that bamboo is a super eco-friendly material that grows very quickly, while organic cotton comes from a field that doesn’t use nasty fertilizers or pesticides and that makes the cotton growers’ life easier. Most colors are quite subtle and not shouting out loud, which makes them perfect to fit in into your everyday wardrobe. For instance, you can easily wear the camisole as a summer top over a skirt, or you can pair your leggings with skirt or longer top, if that’s your style.

Pilates with Asquith Activewear

The fitted camisole has a double layered soft bra, which gives you medium support and covering the belly. It’s perfect for working out in fall or winter when it’s a little chilly when you just get out from your warm bed. I especially love the thin crossed bands on the back, which is so beautiful. It reminds me of some vintage one-piece swimming suit in the good old days.

The leggings has high waist, which is very nice as it provides some support to your core area. It is also comfortable and nothing is squeezing your hip bones, which can happen when the waist band stops lower on your belly. It is long for a petite, although it’s not a big deal. I just let the hem loosely pile over around my ankles.

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Pilates with Asquith Activewear

The wrap is surprisingly versatile. You can wear it loose as cardigan, or wrap it loosely then tie a knot in the middle and tuck the rest on the back, or you can also wear it the oriental style by wrapping one side over the other. It can be used as a wrap after your work out, or lounge wear, as well as simply wear it with creativity as your ordinary top! I also have a love for the drape and this wrap gives me such a freedom to wear a piece in different ways.

If you’re looking for natural and sustainable low-medium support activewear, Asquith’s bamboo and organic cotton tops, bottoms and wraps could be great choices. I love how silky soft the material feels, it’s perfect for sensitive skin! And they’re are environment-friendly and ethically made. With those you can comfortably working out at home, even the weather is gloomy outside. For us non-gym-rats who don’t have stone-will to tolerate wind and snow, such a comfort certainly makes life easier and cozier.

Pilates with Asquith Activewear

Post done in collaboration with Asquith yoga and pilates activewear. Samples were provided by the brand but opinions are my own.