My Favorite Petite Fashion Blogs

My interest in fashion only develops recently when I decided to give up my childish T-shirts and sporty tights to dress more stylishly and properly to my age. The first thing I do is of course to look for successful petite bloggers and learn from them.

Here are four blogs that I like and would love to share.

Franboise Fashion

Sarah | Framboise Fashion

I think anyone would agree with me that Sarah is stunningly beautiful and has an angelic face with lovely smile. Her blog is full of quality shots of outfits and travels. Rumors say that she's also a petite, but she dares to break the rules by wearing those casual jeans, loose jackets and long coat and she looks great! I look up to her for some comfy inspiration.

Alternations Needed

Kelly | Alternations Needed

Kelly is a lover of jeans and men's wears. I absolutely love her chic style, with those neutral colors and layers. She provides a lot of tips on alternations, which is very useful for petites, especially when you need a bit extra touch on the jackets or shirts you get from boy's department.

Paulina | Kapuczina

To be honest I don't know if Paulina is a petite, but judging from her pictures I feel that she's not those “professional model” type, that means her style can be a petite-inspiration. She has an elegant, clean and simple style, using a lot of basics from inexpensive brands. I especially like that she preaches minimalism – slow life and slow fashion.


Jean | Extra Petite

Jean is an Asian girl based in Boston. She is famous for her sweet and cute style that could be applied easily to petites. I especially love her choices of feminine dresses and I think it suits her really well. Her early posts on DIYs are also very useful for girls who like to play with sewing machine.

Extra Petite

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