Last Days of Summer at Tanto Beach

Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 1
Home-made (by me) halter top / Mango pants EU 34 / Timberland sandals EU 37 / Forever 21 bangles
Nordic summer is wonderful, although it always ends too soon. Honey has been asking me to go out more often while sun was still shinning, because it was gonna end soon, but I tended to think it could last forever. Just from the beginning of August, we already started to get some chilly greetings of the fall. Alas. I should have done what he said.

Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 5
Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 4

When it’s summer, Stockholmers aren’t shy to jump into their sea right in the middle of the city and enjoy the water. Tantolunden is a large natural green park in Södermalm, with a tiny mini beach and decks floating in the sea, where you can either dive from or sit and enjoy the sun.

Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 6
Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 2
Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 7

For the last days of summer, I wore the navy blue linen halter top that I made with a pair of cropped white cotton pants. The linen halter top was original a dress-style long top which was one size big, so it was a bit like a saggy bag on me. While I am a fan of linen, I wasn’t happy with that. So I designed and remade it into this one. It’s my first time ever to cut and sew clothes from scratch, so it’s not perfect. For instance, I sewed the underside of the back piece inside out. I didn’t correct it as it’s not super visible if you don’t check closely lol. I am satisfied with my first work and look forward to improving better in my next!

Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 8
Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 3

Hope you’re still having a fabulous summer!

Photos of ME by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber

Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museum

Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 1
Soaked in Luxury dress EU XS / HM necklace / Laobeijing satin shoes EU 37

One of my favorite things to do in Stockholm is to visit museums. There are about more than 80 in town and among which many are free to enter. Hallwylska Museum is one of my favorite old houses (and museums), and I fell in love with it when I first stepped in! The whole house has three floors, each of them contains several spacious rooms. Each room is richly decorated to every detail in varied styles and numerous oil paintings on the wall, and the hostess is obviously a dedicated collector of fine china and porcelain figurines.
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 4
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 2
Although built in styles of Venetian Late Gothic and Early Spanish Renaissance, the house was equipped with modern facilities, as it has central heating and electricity in every room. The shower and bathtub is very close to what we would have today.

For fashion fans, the third floor is a must visit. It presents several dresses from the youngest daughter of the family, Irma, who was fond of parties and hunting. Her dresses are mostly made of silk and fine linen, with elegant cut and rich embroideries. I imagined it would certainly take a long time to make those as they were mostly done by hands back then. Some of the dresses, such as the light pink silk evening dress, has a timeless appeal which can still be worn today.
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 3
I went with lovely Ulrike to have those shots. I selected a dark green Soaked in Luxury drape dress. Dark green is also a new color that I have never worn, but now I love it. I am also a fan of draping lately as I simply adore the lines created by the weight of the fabric, which gives the wearer a feminine and elegant appeal. The dress doesn’t have a defined waist and the hem passes the knees, which might seem slight big on a thinner petite person. However, it is also more forgiving in a way if you grow a bit love handles, or if you want to wear it at an older age.
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 5
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 6
If you ever come to Stockholm, do make a stop at beautiful Hallwylska Museum. You’ll be amazed by it, I promise!
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 7

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber

Blue Blouse and White Skirt

Blue Blouse and White Skirt 1
&Other Stories silk blouse EU 34 / Mango skirt EU XS/ Timberland Sandals EU 37

When I got this second hand &Other Stories blouse, I did two new things: to wear a cobalt blue color that I have never worn and to wear a silk blouse I have never worn. I am at the beginning of my new style adventure, so I love to try different things, challenge myself a bit within my aesthetic standard.

Silk is one of the best fabrics. It has such beautiful and unique luster under the light and soft, smooth and cool hand feel. However, the production of silk isn’t as nice as we would want it to be. I wouldn’t bore you with the details here. When it comes to this fabric, my first choice is to seek second hand. I have also heard of something called Peace Silk, whose process doesn’t kill the producers, however, I don’t know which brands carry this type of silk yet.

Blue Blouse and White Skirt 3
This &Other Stories blouse has side slits to vent the air, so I guess it’s even more comfortable to wear in hotter weather. If you’re shy to reveal any flesh, don’t worry about this, as the openings are seldom revealing once tucked nicely under your skirt or pants.

I styled it with my Mango white skirt and cognac Timberland wedge sandals. I think it’s perfect for a warm summer hang out. As a petite I appreciate simple design of the shoes, but it’s not always easy to find those. The Timberland ones are a compromise as I would prefer not to have wedges, instead I want either flat or low square heels with similar color and design of the straps, however, they are equipped with OrthoLite insoles so they’re quite comfortable if you don’t walk around all day. If you have suggestion for the sandals I want, please leave a comment, thanks!
Blue Blouse and White Skirt 2

Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion Review

When the cold chilly weather approaches, I want to have a body lotion that has the most natural ingredients and functions well. After some research, I came across Hugo Naturals all over lotion. As a minimalist, I actually love the idea of not using multiple products. With this one I can use both on my face and body. So far I have tried four different flavors with similar texture. All of them are hydrating lotion, work especially well on the body skin. It’s not very thin, but enough to spread and absorb well. When used on the face, the lotion feels a bit thicker and greasy first, but after some gentle tapping all around, it absorbs well eventually. I will share some of my opinions on the ones I have tried.

On the bottles:
The spray bottle (shown in the left picture) makes it easy to get the bits when applying each time, but when it has 10% left and the tube can’t reach the bottom, you would have to cut it open to get the rest. I guess that’s the problem with all those types of bottles.

The travel size (shown in the middle picture) is convenient to carry around but after using half it isn’t easy to get the rest coming out. Eventually you might have to cut it open to get the rest of it.

The easiest to use is the soft tube (shown in the right picture). However it also happens to be more expensive than the other types, I have no idea why.

Hugo Naturals Allover Lotion

Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion, Nourishing Creamy Coconut
I am a big fan of coconut, but unfortunately, the fragrance doesn’t match the name description. It smells more flowery, only with a bit hint of coconut and with a hint of waxy smell too.

Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion, French Lavender
As a lavender fan this smells authentic. If you ever use lavender essential oil you would absolutely love this calming fragrance. I think it’s perfect to use it after a bath, when you want to have a good sleep. Lavender can soothe your nerve and help you go back to a calming state.

Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion, Vanilla and Sweet Orange
So far this is my absolutely fav!!! It’s a very strong orange smell with sweet vanilla scent, reminding me of the Christmas cookie frosting. As a foodie I have the tendency to fall in love with scent that could be eaten, so I love this one the first time I use it.

Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion, Grapefruit
I like citrus smell as it’s light and fresh, however sometimes it’s not the best idea to be “authentic”. This one has a top note of grapefruit, but after applying it dies down and a bitter and slightly sour smell remains. It’s not my idealist choice of citrus smell.

Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion Chamomile Vanilla
Hugo Naturals, Baby, Oh-So-Soft Lotion with Shea Butter, Chamomile & Vanilla
The baby lotion smells mild chamomile and vanilla and has very silky and thicker consistency than the other all over lotions. It feels super soft and easy to sink into skin. This one should be excellent for those with extra sensitive skin, since chamomile has calming effect on the irritation of the skin.

White Lace and Black Linen

White Lace and Black Linen 1
ZARA top / old linen pants/ Laobeijing cloth shoes / HM bag
When summer is finally here, I feel that I can finally wear my laced top. The lace part is airy, and the flowy part also helps create some space between the body and clothes. I imagine this could be ideal for even hotter and humid places.

My favorite fabric for summer is linen, although these years linen clothes tend to be a rare find. I bought those wide linen pants some years ago. Lately wide pants came back to the trend it seems, so after some years of wearing sporty tights I want to come back to those again.

As the most charming parts of Stockholm are not heels-friendly so I prefer to wear flats whenever I can. For a simple stroll along my favorite mountain trail, I wear the super old fashioned granny shoes bought from China. Those are made of black velvet cloth, and they are actually very soft and comfortable. The sole is not super thin or thick so it is enough to handle the roads filled with little tiny broken stones. I would wish those shoes could be made with better style, craftsmanship and materials, so it’s not restricted to old grannies.

If you are a curvy petite lady, and want some romantic and young look in simple colors, those could be a comfortable choice. What do you think? Your opinion is highly appreciated!

White Lace and Black Linen 2