Annie Taylor CHEN

Here you can find:

healthy and delicious plant-based FOOD

elegant, timeless and functional STYLE

eco-friendly, clean, skin-nourishing BEAUTY

Conscious, enriching and inspiring TRAVEL

About Me

My name is Annie. I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why petite? Because I am a petite (short) lady! Here is my measurements for reference: 78-61-82 cm (31-24-32 inches). I indicate all the sizes that I wear or if I have done any alternation to the clothes, so you have a general reference on the fit of various brands. 

Why minimal? Because I believe it is good that we are conscious of what we put into our body and mind, and what kind of foot prints we leave on the earth. Although we are all different,  we can still strive to do the best we could. So I hope you find some guide or inspiration here.

Unless noted, all photos are taken by me.

Thank you for sharing the journey with me!


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