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Hi, I am Annie. Petite&Minimal is where I share the eco-friendly makeup, skincare products, style tips which includes shopping guide, DIY, remake etc for a petite, minimal and comfortable lifestyle.

My Measurements:
78-61/63-82 cm (31-24/25-32 inches) (my waist can grow a bit when I eat a lot lol)
I wear EU XS, EU 32 or 34, US XXS P, UK 6 P
24″, 25″ with inseam 28 inches for pants
Size can vary from brand to brand.

My Favorite:
When it comes to dressing, I found that I prefer good quality and lasting materials, well cut, designed and made items with simple colors which are also comfortable to wear. However as I follow a plant-based diet and I am trying to do the same with my lifestyle, I do find that sometimes it’s challenging to decide whether to use animal derived materials or not. This makes minimalism more meaningful and important to me, as we all try our best to minimize the suffering for animals and wasting of resources, if not being able to completely eliminate it yet. Therefore when materials have animal origin, I prefer to search for second hand items first.

Food and Workout Tips
Besides Petite&Minimal I am also running VeganAnn, where I share my recipes and work out routines and tips. Here you can gain a bit insight on how to improve yourself physically from the inside. 😉

Currently I live in Stockholm, Sweden. (Where petite is super rare!)