Real Purity Vegan Lipstick Swatches and Review

Real Purity Lipstick 1

You might probably know that: I’m always searching for new lipsticks to try. They have to be natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and preferably, organic as well and they carry at least 1-3 shades that I’d be happy to use, then I’m left with very few choices. When I find one that meets the criteria, I’m always so happy to try them out.

Real Purity Lipstick 2 - Sun Kissed

Real Purity was already on my to-try list for a while, after I finished my current one I instantly ordered one to try and it didn’t fail me at all! The ingredients are minimal and clean, the texture very smooth, hydrating and long-lasting. It’s as nice as a lip balm, so you don’t really need to apply primer even. The case has a sleek and professional design, in silver and black color with matte finish. I always love the matte finish! They not only look nicer than glossy one but is also easier to grab with.
Euphorbia Cerifera (Candellila) Wax, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil*, Aloe Vera Extract*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil*, Iron Oxide, Micronized Titanium Dioxide, Kaolin (Clay), Mica *Organic
Price according to the official site
Price per item ( 4 g ): 14.99 USD | 11.19 GBP | 18.80 AUD | 12.62 EUR | 120.12 SEK | 98.26 RMB
Price per gram: 3.79 USD | 2.80 GBP | 4.70 AUD | 3,16 EUR | 30.03 SEK | 24.57 RMB
Use within 12 months after opening

Real Purity Lipstick Swatches neutral everyday and red shades by Annie

I picked up several colors to share with you, especially if you have similar skin tone with me. The neutral/everyday group have more subtle and brown tone, which works very well if you want your lip to have a little healthy tone, but don’t want to stand out too much. The beige/nude shades, commonly seen in “natural” or “nude” makeup, actually don’t work so well in real life. They are much better when you have a full tone-matching makeup, outfit and the right light. The right light, ladies, by which I mean it’s usually heavily manipulated by the studio or post-production. For us who live in everyday life, a shade that’s slightly redder or darker than our original lip color flatters us better. As for red group, they have a bright, shiny, fully saturated bold red tone or some shimmer. I recommend that you wear it when you need your lip color to pop. Colors might appear differently on different lips, as you can see they already appear differently on white paper and on my skin. I hope my guide will help you select the right color for you!

Real Purity Lipstick Swatches Neutral Everyday Shades

Real Purity Lipstick Neutral/Everyday Shades

Cinnamon – Coral red with a brownish tone, slight shimmer
Golden Bronze – I found this shade very close to Cinnamon, perhaps slightly red, and less shimmer
Passion – Pinkish red
Indian Dust – Dark rusty brick red
Tangerine – A super orange color with shimmer
Harvest Blush – Dark brick red with earthen brown tone
Sun Kissed – Watermelon red, pinkish coral tone

Real Purity Lipstick Swatches Red Shades

Real Purity Lipstick Red Shades

Romantic Red – Deep pink, highly saturated magenta color with redness, very beautiful color, I think it works even better with fair and cooler skin tone
Clover Red – A really bright red red, this color is the classic when people think of red lips!
Regal Red – If you think Romantic Red is too bold and Passion is too mild, but you still want a pinkish rosy color, then Regal Red is the right choice
Raspberry – A dark rosy red with cool tone, very pretty berry color
Pink Blossom – Coral red with orange tone, with strong shimmer that gives lips a metallic finish
Shrimp – Highly saturated rosy red with coral tone, with shimmer

My favorites are:

Golden Bronze – my “nude” color
Sun Kissed – my coral toned “nude” color
Passion – a gentle and feminine color
Indian Dust – a subtle red when I want red lips that isn’t too bold
Harvest Blush – a more orange toned color perfect for the coming fall season!
Clover Red – when I need a “pop” color when wearing muted colored outfit, such as in winter, this color is very bright so it could easily become the focus
Raspberry – when I want a beautiful berry color in the cold season

What are you favorites? Please share!

Post done in collaboration with Real Purity. Samples were provided by the brand but opinions are my own.

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?