Yangshuo – Mood Energy Vegetarian Cafe Restaurant

Yangshuo - Mood Energy Vegetarian Restaurant 1

Mood Energy Vegetarian Cafe Restaurant was the only vegetarian one we found in Yangshuo.

It is located in a slightly less popular street, so you might walk a bit away from the most touristic area called West Street (西街) to find it. The venue seems to have a combination of massage, yoga training, western style vegetarian food, a few Chinese dishes, and smoothies.

The dinning area is in the open yard under wooden roof. Lots of plants are scattered in the yard. The lanterns hang cosily above the simple table and chairs. I also love those cute little plants on the table and those four lovely and friendly dogs here. Unfortunately the whole place seems to lack diligent maintenance, as we found the spider web with bugs trapped just inside the bamboo lantern above our table (be careful it might drop into your food!), which made me a bit worried about the hygienic standard in the kitchen.

Our waitress was a Western girl instead of Chinese local, so there is no need to worry about not being able to communicate the vegan requirement. She does seem to understand the concept of vegan food. I should mention the menu is also in English and Chinese, which makes the order easier.

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Yangshuo - Mood Energy Vegetarian Restaurant 2
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Since we weren’t very hungry, we tried two dishes with brown rice. The first one was a fake meat stir-fry. It was made from dried soy protein, with some garlic sauce and vegetables. The taste was ok, but not necessarily as good as other more authentic fake meat dishes we’ve tried.

Another dish was totally a disappointment as the Chinese name says “three tasty vegetables” (三鲜), I expected it to be either potato, eggplant or green paprika as those in the North, or carrot, bamboo shoots and asparagus lettuce, as those in the South, but instead we got potato, carrot and black wood ear stir-fry. It was also some kind of garlic sauce, similar to the other one we ordered. The rice was made of purple rice, not brown rice, that was alright with me, however, it was not cooked in a right way, as it was quite hard and dry. We didn’t proceed with ordering more to try after those.

As a whole, it is a cute little place that offers Western vegetarian dishes with English menu, but the taste of the food and the cleanness of the environment doesn’t live up to its price. Compared to the local Chinese restaurants, it’s rather pricey. So I only recommend it if you must have Western style vegetarian/vegan food, or if you worry about miscommunication in Chinese restaurants getting you into trouble. I do hope they would improve in the future, as it would be a shame because they’re almost the only vegetarian place in town.

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芙蓉路8号(近县政府和派出所),#8 Furong Road, Yangshuo, China

Phone: +86 0773-8825199

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?