White Lace and Black Linen

ZARA top
old linen pants
LAOBEIJING cloth shoes
HM bag

When summer is finally here, I feel that I can finally wear my laced top. The lace part is airy, and the flowy part also helps create some space between the body and clothes. I imagine this could be ideal for even hotter and humid places.

White Lace and Black Linen 2
White Lace and Black Linen 1

My favorite fabric for summer is linen, although these years linen clothes tend to be a rare find. I bought those wide linen pants some years ago. Lately wide pants came back to the trend it seems, so after some years of wearing sporty tights I want to come back to those again.

As the most charming parts of Stockholm are not heels-friendly so I prefer to wear flats whenever I can. For a simple stroll along my favorite mountain trail, I wear the super old fashioned granny shoes bought from China. Those are made of black velvet cloth, and they are actually very soft and comfortable. The sole is not super thin or thick so it is enough to handle the roads filled with little tiny broken stones. I would wish those shoes could be made with better style, craftsmanship and materials, so it's not restricted to old grannies.

If you are a curvy petite lady, and want some romantic and young look in simple colors, those could be a comfortable choice. What do you think? Your opinion is highly appreciated!

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?