Time for the Library

Stockholm's city library might not be that stunning from the outside, but definitely beautiful and functional from the inside. The main round hall are literally three layers of bookshelves, with stairs connecting each other. I used to fantasize that one day if I owned a castle, I would built my own library exactly like that. To walk around the stairs looking for my favorite books gives me such a deep satisfaction. I felt lucky to be able to use such a library!

Time for the Library 2
Time for the Library 3

Time for the Library 1

old knitwear EU XS
COS skirt EU 34
MARC O'POLO loafers EU 37

I always love reading. Although I already embrace reading on the screen of the digital age, I still like the feeling of turning the pages, not to mention, good font, excellent layout, exquisite printing and binding of the book makes the reading much more comfortable than reading on the screen. So whenever possible, I turn to the library to find the paper copies.

Today I am wearing an old white knitwear, with the gray COS skirt made from cupro and viscose. Cupro is a fiber derived from the leftover of cotton processing. It has a silky hand feel and drapes well, and it breathes well and regulate body temperature like cotton. It is anti static so this skirt is not lined. It's very comfortable to wear, although it can wrinkle easily too, so you have to iron it every time you wash it. My only complaint is that the size seems to be slightly big, so I have to wear a belt to completely “hold it”, which I would definitely prefer not to. High heels might be more beautiful, but I wouldn't recommend wearing it when you have to climb stairs or squat down to look for books. A pair of flat loafers work more comfortably in this situation.

I finally found the books: more research and inspiration on colors and remake!

As I left the library with a bag of books, I already look forward to my next trip here. Do you also have a library that you love to go to?

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?