The Best Mineral Deodorant

In the past I wasn't very picky about deodorant, so I tried those spray or roller-on type you easily get from supermarkets. But as I became more conscious on the ingredients of skincare products, I also became more picky on tiny things such as deodorant. A few years back I was searching the most ideal deodorant and I listed my requirements as below:

  • the ingredients must be vegan and it's not tested on animals
  • the ingredients should not contain any harmful or unnecessary chemicals
  • it should be allergy-free formula (as I have sensitive skin)
  • it should be fragrance-free as I want to use perfume sometimes and don't want the smells to conflict
  • it should not stain my clothes
Crystal Mineral Deodorant Original

After some research I found this Crystal Body Deodorant Stick and have used it ever since!
Natural mineral salts (ammonium alum).

Here are some pros and cons I could share with my experience:


  • (besides meeting all my requirements above) it is long lasting, I think mine will last for another five to seven years even I use it twice a day
  • easy to apply with a bit water, but remember to stroke it against your armpits for enough time until water dries
  • does not block sweating (which is what I want as I think it is natural and healthy)


  • must apply immediately after shower before you sweat
  • does not prevent sweating (bad news for people who wish to sweat less then)
  • the formula might not work with strong body odor
  • you need water to apply it, so it can't act as “spontaneous” deodorant (it doesn't work when you already start to sweat either)

Despite those little “cons”, there is a whole lot of “pros”. So I strongly recommend this, especially for people who want to wear perfume. 😉

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?