Sydney – Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen

Sydney Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen 1

Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen is located right in the CBD area of Sydney. After a full morning’s strolling around, we were ready to satisfy our hunger.

The restaurant is medium-sized, although has extremely high ceiling. A few pink paper lanterns hang from the ceiling. Chinese calligraphy works are on the walls. There are simple metal tables and chairs with pink surface. It looks like a very typical non-fancy Chinese restaurant in China. The menu is available in both English and Chinese and there is a full range of various dishes. Hmm… so many to choose from! The dishes here are typical Chinese mock-meat dishes, stir-fries and casseroles.

We ended up deciding to order the deep-fried eggplant chunks, soy protein slices, cucumber cubes (don’t be surprised that cucumber is used in many stir-fries or stews in Chinese cuisine), paprika and celery, with featuring black bean paste. It tastes very good, and very authentic to Chinese black bean dishes in China that I have loved. The only downside is that it’s slightly too dry. (on the right)

Sydney Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen 2
Sydney Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen 3

The soy protein chunks, sugar snaps, pumpkin chunks and mushrooms immersed in black pepper sauce is our favorite. It’s succulent, juicy, chewy and soft. Highly recommended! (On the left)

Those are the assorted appetizer, we got a small bunch of salad, a deep fried ball with filling, two pieces of tofu, two pieces of tempeh, two pieces of fried mock chicken, 1 deep fried spring rolls and 1 deep fried wonton. They were neatly made and looked very cute. (on the right)

Sydney Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen 4
Sydney Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen 5
Sydney Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen 6

We also tried another mock meat stir fry with delicious sauce. Although we weren’t very fond of the deep fried noodles with greens, carrots and sprouts. The after taste was a bit bitter, which was unpleasant even Honey is fan of everything crunchy. The deep fried banana with coating, according to Honey, is a staple dessert served in many Chinese restaurants in Sweden, although mostly it is served with syrup in Sweden, while in Australia the two times we tasted it, it was always served with ice-cream.

Sydney Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen 7

The portions were pretty generous, so two dishes plus two bowls of brown rice were enough as a lunch for two, even we are big eaters. Although unlike many vegetarian restaurants in China, the hot water and tea were not available for free, you have to order them from the menu.

As a whole, Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen is a nice place to taste quite authentic Chinese vegetarian dishes (most are vegan naturally). The interior might not be the best, but food have good portion and taste. Not to mention the location is very convenient, so definitely put it as an option on your vegan-restaurants-to-go list when you’re in Sydney!


367 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9283 2828

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?