Sunny Walk at Skinnarviksberget


old cotton culottes
TIMBERLAND sandals EU 37

When the tallest tree in our playground started to turn yellow, I know the fall was coming, even though it might still be green around.

I love fall. It is blessed with amazingly blue sky and warm sunshine in the afternoon. For a moment you might have an illusion that summer is still here. When the sun is up high, I feel like taking a walking around Skinnarviksberget. It's one of the best points to get a nice view of the Gamla Stan, city hall and the Norr Malärstrand.


The top of the mountain is flat, formed with rocks, so it's perfect to sit down and admire the view, or have a nice picnic.

I was wearing the Dagmar orange/golden top. The color reminds me of the fall. It's made of lyocell, which is said to be one of the greenest artificial fabric made from plants. It's cool and drapes very well. As usual the regular XS might still be big and long on a small petite body, so I have shortened the shoulder parts by 5 cm where the front and back pieces meet. I paired it with my old lake blue cotton culottes that I bought almost 10 years ago. If you have a bit extra on your legs, culottes could be a good option in summer. It's airy and covers the line of your legs well.


Just like the tree in our playground, some leaves couldn't wait for their fall suit, even their pals were still dressing in summer green.

Hope you are having a wonderful sunny fall day!

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber


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