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SöderManna, like its name, is located in the Södermalm in Stockholm. Södermalm is a lively hip island, where a lot of cafes, restaurants and stores are located. SöderManna is just around the color of the shopping mall when you step right out of the Medborgarplatsen subway station.

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The restaurant occupies one corner at the entrance of the mall, where you can see a counter and open kitchen. There are three dinning areas. A more secluded corner with a few tables and benches, with some black and white photos hanging on the wall and magenta and purple curtains behind; the main area has mostly small red tables and chairs; the outside area is perfect for summer when weather is warm, you can sit on the wooden chairs, eating and chatting with your friends, while watching the busy crowds come and go.

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The menu consists of both vegetarian and vegan food. The vegetarian options usually have some dairy options. A self-service counter encourages customers to take their own cutleries and tissues, as well as water. This helps staff to focus on your main plates so you get your food more quickly.

If you buy ordinary plates, you can get appetizer plate for free as well. Feel free to help yourself with yummy hummus, lentil salads and freshly baked bread. You need to pay 10kr for those if you buy cheaper options such as wraps. Honey is particularly fond of those, as he always eats it.

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Falafel plate includes 5 round crispy falafels, tomato sauce, brown rice, salad with vinaigrette and a generous heap of herbal mayonnaise. I have to warn you that SöderManna is very generous when it comes to mayonnaise, to the point I think they can cut by half or more. I normally eat up everything I order, but nowadays I often left most of my mayonnaise untouched, as it’s just… not healthy to eat too much fat, even it’s vegan.

Kebab plate includes seitan kebabs with tomato and thousand island sauce, potato widgets, salad with vinaigrette and again, a generous heap of herbal mayonnaise. I love the seitan kebabs, they’re very saucy and chewy! As for potatoes, I wish they’re more crispy!

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With comparatively inexpensive price, friendly and speedy service, and well portioned dishes, SöderManna is undoubtedly a great choice for vegans and vegetarians traveling to or living in Södermalm. The location is very convenient and easy to access, so if you want something that’s predictable, that makes you full, that saves you time and budget, you won’t get disappointed eating at SöderManna.


Söderhallarna 102, 118 72 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: 08-643 18 05

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?