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In Sweden summer is the best time of the year. People have their long vacation, gathering in their sommerstuga, which is a countryside house, enjoying a bath in the lake or the sea, sunbathing at the beach, having a dinner with families and friends outside. After half a year of winter, every body is eager to have some warm sunshine caressing their skin.

BOOMERANG shirt, EU 32
old linen shorts, XS
TIMBERLAND sandals, EU 37
HM CONSCIOUS lyocell pants, EU 34
ZARA lyocell trench coat, EU XS
INDISKA hat, one size
HM sunglasses

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In archipelago there are a lot of sommarstugas. It’s a little far away from town, mostly surrounded by forests and sea. Time passes slowly here. A day might be spent walking in the woods in the morning, visiting the open market in town, exploring the sea in the boat in the afternoon, enjoying the dinner in the gorgeous afternoon light, and taking a walk again to see the sunset.

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If you ever travel to Stockholm in summer, I wish you also take the chance to enjoy the summer at the archipelago!

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Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?