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When we spent a whole day walking around we were pretty tired in the evening. We decided to go to Tien Hiang, an Asian restaurant as we’re always fond of Asian food. It’s very close to the canal Saint Martin, so it was nice to take a walk there after the dinner.

Tien Hiang is a small restaurant, simple, clean and cozy, more like your ordinary Asian vegetarian restaurant around the corner to go to. The menu provides a range of Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese food, and has both English and Chinese translation plus some pictures, which makes the order easy. Most dishes are vegan except one dish called “marmitte Tien Hiang”. The staff are friendly and dishes are served quickly. The space can be a bit crowded when it’s full. Overall the taste is good and homey, although slightly too sweet to my taste in the dishes we’ve tried. I am not sure if was due to the specification of our choices or it was simply a characteristics of all dishes here. You’re welcome to share your experience if you happen to be there!

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Papaya Salad (above): sweet and sour from fresh lime juice, one of my all-time favorite dishes!

Paris Tien Hiang 5

Thai Rice (above): sweet fried rice mixed with soy meats and vegetables, dyed red with tomato sauce. It’s actually not very spicy to our standard.

Ho Moc (below): a Vietnamese soup featuring soy-based fish strips, together with tomato and bamboo shoots. The soup is slightly watery than creamy, and again, too sweet in our opinion.

Paris Tien Hiang 7
Paris Tien Hiang 6

Ginger Chicken (above): a soy-based mock meat dishes featuring sweetened sauce, although I would wish the ginger flavor could be stronger than it was.

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14 Rue Bichat, 75010 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 42 00 08 23

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?