Little Black Dress Remake

Have you ever bought something simply because it's cheap but ended up not wearing it often? I certainly did. Sometimes we only look at certain aspects when we shop at sale instead of the whole picture. That happens especially a lot when we're not familiar with style and quality that we want yet.

I got this black dress because it has the right waist line, and the length of the skirt is just right, as the hem ends above my knee. However, what I don't like is the puffy sleeves. It also makes it difficult to wear with other clothes, as the sleeves tend to bumpy. I ended up not wearing it often. The other day I decided to remove the sleeves. I have zero experience in sewing, nor do I have a sewing machine, so the whole work was quite tedious and time-consuming, I would say. To do that I used a small scissors to reap the seam first, then did some overlock stitches to secure the fabric, at last I did invisible stitches to sew the shell and lining pieces together. Since my hand stitches are so ugly, I decided not to put here as an example, lol. Anyway, the result is better than before, so even it took me a long time, I am quite satisfied for now.
Remake - removing puffy sleeves

Little Black Dress Remake

HM sunglasses
Faux Pearl Necklace
HM shoes
HM bag

I felt happier wearing this dress now and it's easy to add a blazer over it, when the spring is still chilly in Stockholm. I styled it with a big irregular pearl necklace and a thin white belt, as the waist part is slightly loose but I am way too green to modify that.

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?