Haga Park

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HM top EU XS
NUDIE organic cotton jeans 24 (hemmed at the store)
TIMBERLAND sandals EU 37

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Summer is precious in Sweden. We have such few summer days in a year and once the sun is shinning outside, everybody wants to stop working and just lie under the sun. Nordic sun is a bliss for us with sensitive skin. Most of the time I can go by with a sun hat, skipping the sun screen.

Haga Park is largely open for the public, even it’s where the royal families reside. When on a sunny day, you can see people having picnic or sun bath here on the large lawn, or they might run or bike along the trails, or perhaps go for a dip in the water. I enjoy walking among the green, watching sunshine shinning through the leaves. Then we can take a break, eating the salad bowl on the fresh grass, enjoying the little breeze coming from the sea.

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Hope you’re enjoying the summer wherever you are too!

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Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?