An Evening at Nobel Park


GANT dress EU XS
VAGABOND shoes EU 37

This fall was surprisingly warm. The wind was chilly, and the sun was low, but during the day it still felt like summer. I enjoyed the evening walk in the Nobel Park. It's a small open park close to the water, which makes a pleasant stroll in the evening. People are running or walking their pets before heading to a nice dinner. You instantly get to relax without walking too far from the city. This is one reason that I love Stockholm so much. There are those easy-to-access places in the city where we can chill out and regain the inner peace.

In the early fall it could still be warm during the day. The Gant dress is perfect. The length is ok for a petite, and sleeves can be wrapped up a bit when it's warm or let down when it's cold. The only disadvantage is, as usual, the opening of the v-neck part is too low for us petite and it's challenging to fix it without changing the original design.

I was also happy to find a second hand, black shoulder bag with minimal design that's small enough. I am not sure if it's vintage. For petites, especially those in small sizes too, the size of the shoulder bag is important, as it can easily overwhelm you when it's too big. So I spent quite some time searching for the right bag before I found this one.


Hope you also find your peaceful corner wherever you are!

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber


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