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Lately I’ve been reading Meik Wiking’s The Little Book of Hygge. Hygge is a word closely related to coziness or homely in English, but not exactly, just like many other culture-specific words, which are not easy to translate. Although we in Sweden are not short of having “hygge” in our life, it is the Danish who make the lifestyle and philosophy more well known internationally, and perhaps, like it’s said by Meik in the book, it is because they talk more often about it.

Urten, in my opinion, is one of those little restaurants that have a strong hyggeligt atmophere. Wooden table, cozy corners with cushions, nice warm light, cute plants hanging everywhere, in the charming old town setting.

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We ordered an appetizer which was presented on a beautiful black slate, with fresh new potato, tomato and herbal mayonnaise, sunflower seed paste with cucumber, and green pea paste with crispy rye bread and pumpkin seeds on the top.

For main courses we tried green fettuccine, immersed in basil and seed paste, with leek, carrot and dill as topping. I really loved the pasta, although I think the topping needs a bit work. Perhaps this isn’t the original intention, as when we were eating there they got super busy, perhaps they just made a temporary simplified version?

Copenhagen Urten 5

We also tried the lasagna with the salads. It didn’t look amazing, but I assure you that it tasted so good! We absolutely enjoyed that. Salads are good enough, and I particularly liked the seaweed ones. I tried it for the first time when I was visiting Malmö 4 years ago one summer and fell in love with it. I haven’t gotten chance to try it that often.

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For dessert we took the red berry “cheesefake”. It tasted good and I especially like the chocolate with dried raspberry decoration. However I did hope they had removed the shredded apple from the dish, as visually and flavor-wise it didn’t mix well with the whole dish.

Urten is definitely a nice place to have your dinner. The food is good and the place cozy. If the presentation could be refined that’ll be almost perfect. I suggest that you book a table ahead if you know your schedule. Sometimes they could get a bit busy and serving process might be delayed. We waited longer for our dessert for instance, but the place was so nice we didn’t mind at all.


Larsbjørnsstræde 18, 1454 København K, Denmark

Phone: +45 33 14 95 15

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?