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I was thirsty and hungry when I was walking around in the charming town Copenhagen. I still had the plan to visit the Design Museum, which is surely something you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Denmark, a country famous for the design, so I decided to quickly grab something to eat and drink around the area. The Organic Boho is the perfect place to do so.

The store itself is super tiny, although there are 3 tiny seats and tray-style table for you to sit while waiting, or you could choose to sit around the stairs, it’s surely not designed for people who want to eat there. Since I really wanted to rest a little after a long day of walking, I almost struggled as my bag clumsily competed with my butt, lol.

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I ordered a simple wrap made of raw vegetables and sweet potato fries (this is new to me and it wasn’t too bad actually. Although I think perhaps it’s better served alone, as they tend to get soggy when in contact with the other raw vegetables). My wrap tasted healthy and nice, but unfortunately the end wasn’t tucked nicely, so I was embarrassingly trying to balance myself on tiny little stool while catching the sauce dripping down, lol. The big smoothie was super good though, green and creamy, exactly what I needed after I just ran out of water.

So my advice would be to take your orders somewhere else to eat, the experience would be much nicer, and Copenhagen is never short of chairs in the streets for people to relax on. And service was friendly and quick, you might wait a little sometimes, but it is usually not very long. So mark this place when you’re around the area.


Gothersgade 5, 1123 København K, Denmark

Phone: +45 31 13 50 02

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?