Copenhagen – Hafnia Bar

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We didn’t plan to go to Hafnia Bar first, but for no reason our planned-to-go-eat restaurant simply closed. Luckily, Hafnia Bar, which was not too far, indeed offers a few vegan options, so we decided to settle down and eat.

The restaurant is on the second floor, and it is a bit dark inside. There are cozy seats with smaller coffee tables, or chairs around large table, or if you prefer, sit close to the window where higher bar style benches and tables were available. You get to eat while watching the outside, which was what we did.

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Copenhagen Hafnia Bar 3
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We ordered the Veggie Plate, which has hummus, homemade falafels that weren’t shaped in the balls as you would normally expected, avocado sauce, sweet potatoes (my all-time favorite), a few types of salads and raw crackers. They’re beautifully presented on a dark square plate, lovely eye candies! It tasted quite yummy and the portion is quite filling.

We also tried the Veggie Burger. It was consisted of a well shaped bean patty, topped with pink caramelized onion slices, carrot and lettuce, with wholesome buns. As a side dish, a steamed veggie bowls with sauce and sesame topping was offered. We both loved the burger. By the way, the chef was quite cordial, making sure that we enjoyed our food. We appreciate that!

Copenhagen Hafnia Bar 4

As a whole, Hafnia Bar was a surprising discovery. If you don’t mind a non-vegan restaurant offering vegan food, here is certainly a nice place to hang out during the weekend. There is also a little story for you to read in the bathroom, heehee, if you don’t mind learning a bit history of Copenhagen! Although I do hope to read it on the dinner table, for instance, while we are waiting for our food to be served, as it’s just a bit awkward to spend a long time reading a story in the bathroom!


Store Regnegade 26A, 1110 København K, Denmark

Phone: +45 42 40 74 24

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?