Copenhagen – Copenhagen Street Food

Copenhagen Street Food 1

Copenhagen Street Food is located on the Paper Island, close to one of the top tourist attractions, the Nyhavn. You only need to cross the bridge and walk a bit, then you arrive at an place facing the sea, with large old warehouses where all the food stalls were housed and spacey outdoor dinning areas. The old warehouses were formerly used for storage of paper for the press (hence the name of the island) but are now a home for 36 colorful independent food trucks and containers catering street food from 13 different countries such as Mexico, Morocco, United Kingdom, Colombia, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China, Korea or Thailand. I found it very eco-friendly to utilize a space like this, and it’s a great concept that makes it possible for small business owners to test the market. Who knows, maybe a future NOMA will be born from here?

Copenhagen Street Food 2

You can choose to eat inside, or outside enjoying the sunshine and sea view, or perhaps air high five with happy people eating and drinking on the boats passing (hopefully, of course, their driver is not drinking!). This might resemble a bit college cafeteria, where you have the long tables and benches and people sit and eat together. It could be a bit noisy but I guess that’s the atmosphere people are after.

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Luckily I found two vendors serve vegan food! One is called La Tienda, which serves Colombian street food, such as fried plantain chips, homemade guacamole and super tasty Happy Burger, which was made of quinoa patty, salad, mayonnaise, pickles, cucumber, tomato and sprouts. The bun was soft, the sauce was rich, Honey regarded this as the best burger in Copenhagen!

I equally love the Pulled Burger which had similar combination except the patty was made of seitan. Oh, don’t forget to try their coconut milk lemonade, it was such a nice summer treat! The plantain chips were surprisingly not sweet as I imagined, and they’re tasty, although not as crispy as normal chips either. I wasn’t too impressed but it was always interesting to try something different.

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Hal 7 & 8 Papirøen, Trangravsvej 14, 7/8, 1436 København K, Denmark

Phone: +45 33 93 07 60

Another vegan vendor is called Fala Fala. As you’ve guessed it caters falafels. I was a bit disappoint in the salad bowl I ordered, as the “salad” was just some red cabbages, zucchini and pickled cucumbers, I am really not used to one third of my salad being pickles! The falafels’ ingredient might also contain pickles, as they tasted quite sour, which I am not used to either (it could be the sauce that’s sour, now I wrote I didn’t remember so well). However, they surprisingly made excellent potato fries, super crispy, and you eat them with very creamy hummus.

I am not sure if you can simply order those without the main food though, lol.

I think Copenhagen Street Food is a very interesting place to eat your lunch. I heard it only exists until next year, 2018. I guess perhaps the city has other plan for the area? I do hope the project will find another place to host those vendors, or at least I hope La Tienda grows into an independent vendor as I would love to eat their burgers again next time I come to Copenhagen! So, if you ever come to Copenhagen, don’t hesitate to try some food here at least once! Plant-based or not, you can be sure you are well taken care of. 😉

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?