Copenhagen – Cafe N

Copenhagen Cafe N 1

On our last day in Copenhagen, we took a bus to the north part of the town, so we got to eat our brunch at the Cafe N. Another hidden gem, Cafe N is a very low-key local cafe that caters plant-based food. It’s in a small lane, not facing the main street. It might take you a little effort to find it, but I promise, you won’t regret about it.

Copenhagen Cafe N 3
Copenhagen Cafe N 2
Copenhagen Cafe N 5

The interior has a strong Indian influence. The theme colors are red and green. On the wall hang the Buddha themed modern oil paintings as well as colorful Indian textiles. Cozy cushions are scattered on the seats. And don’t forget our hygge factor: the light. So we ate a candlelit brunch.

Copenhagen Cafe N 4
Copenhagen Cafe N 6

We tried the vegan brunch: a yellow tofu patty (I think it represents the plant-based omelette), fried vegan meaty chunks and croquette balls made of tofu or seitan, hummus, tzatziki, a purple and green sauce, yogurt with oatmeal, bean salads, fresh crispy bread, melon, orange and avocado. Definitely one of the best brunch plates I’ve tried! I absolutely love the variety, very well done!

Copenhagen Cafe N 7

The Cafe N plate has similar combination, but instead of seitan and tofu, it has more varieties on the salads: bean salad, quinoa salad, noodle salads and potato salads. Both plates are beautifully presented. Oh, the portion was very large, and we both felt very full after eating.

Copenhagen Cafe N 8

We ended our meals with a cereal bar topped with chocolate as dessert.

As we leave, we already wanted to come back again. Cafe N is definitely a place worth visiting, even it’s not located in the center of the town. I strongly suggest my fellow plant-based foodies to mark this on your to-eat list when you visit Copenhagen. 😉


Blågårdsgade 17, 2200 København N, Denmark

Phone: +45 32 15 68 52

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?