Comfortable Long Flight Must-Haves

Honey and I love traveling. As we get old, the traveling process also started to become less tolerable than when we were young. It’s noisy everywhere, running around with heavy luggage is stressful and our muscles feel sore. However, we did find those items useful and help ease the discomfort caused by the long flights, especially those crossing the continents.

Comfortable Long Flight Must-Haves

1. BOSE anti-noise headphone
It can be a bit expensive but it’s worth the investment. No matter you want to rest quietly or enjoy some in-flight movies, music or audio books, this is your great companion. It’s impossible to make the noise completely disappear but at least it can help reduce the background noise to a lower level. When you want to use other entertainment, you also don’t need to turn the volume so loud so you can hear it against the heavy noisy background. With Bose anti-noise headphone on you can listen to things at your ordinary volume level. In this way wearing Bose anti-noise headphone can protect your hearing. I definitely recommend this for any flight over 4 hours.

2. MUJI soft flight pillow
This pillow is super flexible. You can wrap it around your neck, or rest your shoulder and arm on it, or use it behind your back as support to your spine when you’re not not sleeping. I found it easier to use than bulky memory-foam pillow, which is only available to use on neck.

3. 3D-eye mask
Although having a truly restful sleep tucking in a tiny seat on the plane is a mission impossible, the 3-D eye mask, (or in my opinion, the eye-bra, lol) can still help you achieve the maximum darkness without pressing too much on your eyelid, so you can get somewhat rest sometimes.

Since summer is coming, I think those tips could be helpful for you guys planning your vacation. May your summer travel this year is more comfortable and wonderful!

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