An Evening at Nobel Park

GANT dress EU XS / THE TREND bag / VAGABOND shoes EU 37

This fall was surprisingly warm. The wind was chilly, and the sun was low, but during the day it still felt like summer. I enjoyed the evening walk in the Nobel Park. It’s a small open park close to the water, which makes a pleasant stroll in the evening. People are running or walking their pets before heading to a nice dinner. You instantly get to relax without walking too far from the city. This is one reason that I love Stockholm so much. There are those easy-to-access places in the city where we can chill out and regain the inner peace.

In the early fall it could still be warm during the day. The Gant dress is perfect. The length is ok for a petite, and sleeves can be wrapped up a bit when it’s warm or let down when it’s cold. The only disadvantage is, as usual, the opening of the v-neck part is too low for us petite and it’s challenging to fix it without changing the original design.

I was also happy to find a second hand, black shoulder bag with minimal design that’s small enough. I am not sure if it’s vintage. For petites, especially those in small sizes too, the size of the shoulder bag is important, as it can easily overwhelm you when it’s too big. So I spent quite some time searching for the right bag before I found this one.


Hope you also find your peaceful corner wherever you are!

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber

Sunny Walk at Skinnarviksberget

DAGMAR top EU XS / old cotton culottes / TIMBERLAND sandals EU 37

When the tallest tree in our playground started to turn yellow, I know the fall was coming, even though it might still be green around.

I love fall. It is blessed with amazingly blue sky and warm sunshine in the afternoon. For a moment you might have an illusion that summer is still here. When the sun is up high, I feel like taking a walking around Skinnarviksberget. It’s one of the best points to get a nice view of the Gamla Stan, city hall and the Norr Malärstrand.

The top of the mountain is flat, formed with rocks, so it’s perfect to sit down and admire the view, or have a nice picnic.

I was wearing the Dagmar orange/golden top. The color reminds me of the fall. It’s made of lyocell, which is said to be one of the greenest artificial fabric made from plants. It’s cool and drapes very well. As usual the regular XS might still be big and long on a small petite body, so I have shortened the shoulder parts by 5 cm where the front and back pieces meet. I paired it with my old lake blue cotton culottes that I bought almost 10 years ago. If you have a bit extra on your legs, culottes could be a good option in summer. It’s airy and covers the line of your legs well.

Just like the tree in our playground, some leaves couldn’t wait for their fall suit, even their pals were still dressing in summer green.

Hope you are having a wonderful sunny fall day!

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber

Time for the Library

Time for the Library 1
old knitwear EU XS / COS skirt EU 34 / Marc O’Polo loafers EU 37 / Daniel Wellington Watch
I always love reading. Although I already embrace reading on the screen of the digital age, I still like the feeling of turning the pages, not to mention, good font, excellent layout, exquisite printing and binding of the book makes the reading much more comfortable than reading on the screen. So whenever possible, I turn to the library to find the real copies.
Time for the Library 2
Time for the Library 3
Stockholm’s city library might not be that stunning from the outside, but definitely beautiful and functional from the inside. The main round hall are literally three layers of bookshelves, with stairs connecting each other. I used to fantasize that one day if I owned a castle, I would built my own library exactly like that. To walk around the stairs looking for my favorite books gives me such a deep satisfaction. I felt lucky to be able to use such a library!
Time for the Library 4
Today I am wearing an old white knitwear, with the gray COS skirt made from cupro and viscose. Cupro is a fiber derived from the leftover of cotton processing. It has a silky hand feel and drapes well, and it breathes well and regulate body temperature like cotton. It is anti static so this skirt is not lined. It’s very comfortable to wear, although it can wrinkle easily too, so you have to iron it every time you wash it. My only complaint is that the size seems to be slightly big, so I have to wear a belt to completely “hold it”, which I would definitely prefer not to. High heels might be more beautiful, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing it when you have to climb stairs or squat down to look for books. A pair of flat loafers work more comfortably in this situation.
Time for the Library 5Time for the Library 6
I finally found the books: more research and inspiration on colors and remake!
Time for the Library 7
As I left the library with a bag of books, I already look forward to my next trip here. Do you also have a library that you love to go to?
Time for the Library 8

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber

Last Days of Summer at Tanto Beach

Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 1
Home-made (by me) halter top / Mango pants EU 34 / Timberland sandals EU 37 / Forever 21 bangles
Nordic summer is wonderful, although it always ends too soon. Honey has been asking me to go out more often while sun was still shinning, because it was gonna end soon, but I tended to think it could last forever. Just from the beginning of August, we already started to get some chilly greetings of the fall. Alas. I should have done what he said.

Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 5
Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 4

When it’s summer, Stockholmers aren’t shy to jump into their sea right in the middle of the city and enjoy the water. Tantolunden is a large natural green park in Södermalm, with a tiny mini beach and decks floating in the sea, where you can either dive from or sit and enjoy the sun.

Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 6
Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 2
Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 7

For the last days of summer, I wore the navy blue linen halter top that I made with a pair of cropped white cotton pants. The linen halter top was original a dress-style long top which was one size big, so it was a bit like a saggy bag on me. While I am a fan of linen, I wasn’t happy with that. So I designed and remade it into this one. It’s my first time ever to cut and sew clothes from scratch, so it’s not perfect. For instance, I sewed the underside of the back piece inside out. I didn’t correct it as it’s not super visible if you don’t check closely lol. I am satisfied with my first work and look forward to improving better in my next!

Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 8
Last Summer Days at Tanto Beach 3

Hope you’re still having a fabulous summer!

Photos of ME by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber

Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museum

Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 1
Soaked in Luxury dress EU XS / HM necklace / Laobeijing satin shoes EU 37

One of my favorite things to do in Stockholm is to visit museums. There are about more than 80 in town and among which many are free to enter. Hallwylska Museum is one of my favorite old houses (and museums), and I fell in love with it when I first stepped in! The whole house has three floors, each of them contains several spacious rooms. Each room is richly decorated to every detail in varied styles and numerous oil paintings on the wall, and the hostess is obviously a dedicated collector of fine china and porcelain figurines.
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 4
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 2
Although built in styles of Venetian Late Gothic and Early Spanish Renaissance, the house was equipped with modern facilities, as it has central heating and electricity in every room. The shower and bathtub is very close to what we would have today.

For fashion fans, the third floor is a must visit. It presents several dresses from the youngest daughter of the family, Irma, who was fond of parties and hunting. Her dresses are mostly made of silk and fine linen, with elegant cut and rich embroideries. I imagined it would certainly take a long time to make those as they were mostly done by hands back then. Some of the dresses, such as the light pink silk evening dress, has a timeless appeal which can still be worn today.
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 3
I went with lovely Ulrike to have those shots. I selected a dark green Soaked in Luxury drape dress. Dark green is also a new color that I have never worn, but now I love it. I am also a fan of draping lately as I simply adore the lines created by the weight of the fabric, which gives the wearer a feminine and elegant appeal. The dress doesn’t have a defined waist and the hem passes the knees, which might seem slight big on a thinner petite person. However, it is also more forgiving in a way if you grow a bit love handles, or if you want to wear it at an older age.
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 5
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 6
If you ever come to Stockholm, do make a stop at beautiful Hallwylska Museum. You’ll be amazed by it, I promise!
Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 7

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber