Blue Blouse and White Skirt

Blue Blouse and White Skirt 1

Silk is one of the best fabrics. It has such beautiful and unique luster under the light and soft, smooth and cool hand feel. However, the production of silk isn't as nice as we would want it to be. I wouldn't bore you with the details here. When it comes to this fabric, my first choice is to seek second hand. I have also heard of something called Peace Silk, whose process doesn't kill the producers, however, I don't know which brands carry this type of silk yet.

Blue Blouse and White Skirt 2

&OTHER STORIES silk blouse EU 34
TIMBERLAND sandals EU 37

When I got this second hand &Other Stories blouse, I did two new things: to wear a cobalt blue color that I have never worn and to wear a silk blouse I have never worn. I am at the beginning of my new style adventure, so I love to try different things, challenge myself a bit within my aesthetic standard.

Blue Blouse and White Skirt 3

This &Other Stories blouse has side slits to vent the air, so I guess it's even more comfortable to wear in hotter weather. If you're shy to reveal any flesh, don't worry about this, as the openings are seldom revealing once tucked nicely under your skirt or pants.

I styled it with my Mango white skirt and cognac Timberland wedge sandals. I think it's perfect for a warm summer hang out. As a petite I appreciate simple design of the shoes, but it's not always easy to find those. The Timberland ones are a compromise as I would prefer not to have wedges, instead I want either flat or low square heels with similar color and design of the straps, however, they are equipped with OrthoLite insoles so they're quite comfortable if you don't walk around all day. If you have suggestion for the sandals I want, please leave a comment, thanks!

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?