The Basic Facial Oil

A few years ago I met a representative from a small family-owned olive farm business at a food expo and he told me that: for years, his sister only used olive oil as her skin care and her skin has been so good all the time. I asked him: "Are you sure she only used that? Nothing else?" "Nope, she only used that. It's that simple." he answered.

Back then I was still believing that we must use various industrial products to maintain a clean and healthy face, so I didn't immediately believed him. It was only until recent years I started to explore the most natural and inexpensive way of taking care of the skin, since I decided to become a minimalist. After I finished my last jar of moisturizer, I started to use pure coconut oil as facial oil. However, it was always a bit greasy on my face, and I don't necessarily feel hydrated on my face. Then one day I started to recall what that Italian man at the expo has told me long time ago, and I decided to use extra virgin olive oil. And surprisingly, it works really well for me!

After cleaning (see my oil facial cleanser), I use the dropper to drop 3-4 drops on my forehead, nose and cheeks, then smudge them evenly with my warm hands. The oil gets absorbed quickly and soon I feel hydrated enough. When I just apply it, I could smell a strong olive oil scent, but they disappear quickly. I use them in warmer and more humid weather, and it is very simple and functional.

Besides using cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, I also suggest adding a few drops of essential oil to make it more interesting, such as:
geranium oil (helps balancing the serum)
lavender oil (helps calming irritated skin and scar recovery)
ti-tree oil (especially if you're prone to have acne)

Hope you enjoy it!

The Basic Facial Oil

Happy to hear from you, any thoughts?