Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museum

Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 1

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One of my favorite things to do in Stockholm is to visit museums. There are about more than 80 in town and among which many are free to enter. Hallwylska Museum is one of my favorite old houses (and museums), and I fell in love with it when I first stepped in! The whole house has three floors, each of them contains several spacious rooms. Each room is richly decorated to every detail in varied styles and numerous oil paintings on the wall, and the hostess is obviously a dedicated collector of fine china and porcelain figurines.

Back to the Old Times at Hallwylska Museet 4

Although built in styles of Venetian Late Gothic and Early Spanish Renaissance, the house was equipped with modern facilities, as it has central heating and electricity in every room. The shower and bathtub is very close to what we would have today.

For fashion fans, the third floor is a must visit. It presents several dresses from the youngest daughter of the family, Irma, who was fond of parties and hunting. Her dresses are mostly made of silk and fine linen, with elegant cut and rich embroideries. I imagined it would certainly take a long time to make those as they were mostly done by hands back then. Some of the dresses, such as the light pink silk evening dress, has a timeless appeal which can still be worn today.

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I went with lovely Ulrike to have those shots. I selected a dark green Soaked in Luxury drape dress. Dark green is also a new color that I have never worn, but now I love it. I am also a fan of draping lately as I simply adore the lines created by the weight of the fabric, which gives the wearer a feminine and elegant appeal. The dress doesn't have a defined waist and the hem passes the knees, which might seem slight big on a thinner petite person. However, it is also more forgiving in a way if you grow a bit love handles, or if you want to wear it at an older age.

If you ever come to Stockholm, do make a stop at beautiful Hallwylska Museum. You'll be amazed by it, I promise!

Photos by lovely Ulrike Mayrhuber

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