ASOS Midi Dress and Jeans Fit Review

Since most regular size clothes end up being too long on me, I finally decided to give petite clothes a try. My first choice is ASOS as they offer free delivery and return, which is important for internet shopping when you can’t try and see easily.

Just as other bloggers noticed, both quality and size can be hit or miss at ASOS.

I chose ASOS petite clean high neck midi dress in gray, as it looks simple and elegant, with a bit opening on the back. According to the size chart, I decided to give UK 6 a try.

ASOS PETITE Clean High Neck Midi Dress
ASOS PETITE Clean High Neck Midi Dress 2

I ended up being disappointed. For sure, they did the waist line a bit higher than usual, which is correct, but the bust part tends to be too low for a petite. There are also extra folds under the bust compared to their model’s dress, which makes the whole torso part wider and baggy, not fitting very well to my body. I wonder whether it’s actually designed for someone with longer torso and fuller bust, as I imagine only that can fill the dress properly. The length of the dress is also too long, I feel like it’s dragging my whole short body down. It ends up at around the knee part of the model, and I wonder if she’s actually 170cm or above. For your information, the measure of the torso is 39 cm, and from waist to the end of the dress is 65.5 cm.

I also ordered ASOS petite Lisbon midrise skinny jeans in Jules dark wash, size 24” with 28” inseam.

ASOS PETITE Lisbon Midrise Skinny Jeans In Jules dark Wash

As you can see the inseam is slightly longer, so it got a bit wrinkled along my chubby legs. This can be solved by cuffing it a bit, 1 cm or so. The color is closer to their original picture, mine looks bluer against the yellow wallpaper. The jeans is tight and comfortable even I have wide hip bone and chubby thighs. There is no annoying horizontal wrinkles around the belly part I often get from other jeans. So I will keep this.

Dear readers, what is your opinion on the jeans? Do you think I should try UK 4 next time for the dress?

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Mademoiselle Coconath

Love the dress!
Mademoiselle Coconath

Rochelle Fox

What a great blog. I love it!
Good vibes, FOX
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